District 2 Parent – Teacher – Historian

Padre – Maestro – Historiador


Quiero un distrito que eduque a todos, que trate bien a la gente y que crezca con la ciudad.

I want a district that educates everyone, that treats people well and that grows with Austin.

I will push for a board of trustees that publicly defends immigrants, the children of immigrants, kids with disabilities in a way that does justice to the aspirations and realities of students and families in D2.  I have yet to hear that voice on the board of trustees.

I became involved in AISD issues when the district threatened to close Dawson and 11 other schools. The more I became involved, the more I became aware that the district was making decisions that did not take district 2 residents’ concerns seriously. I want a district that takes a leadership role in challenging inequality and building sustainability in Austin. With an annual 1.6-billion-dollar budget and more than 90,000 people directly affected by Austin ISD decisions, the district has the capacity to make a difference.

Me involucre en el distrito escolar cuando la administración amenazo con cerrar 12 escuelas, incluyendo la de mi hijo. Entre más aprendí, más me di cuenta de que el distrito no toma las situaciones de las familias en este distrito (d2) seriamente. Quiero un distrito que tome liderazgo en pelear la desigualdad y fomentar la sostenibilidad en Austin. Con un presupuesto de 1.6 billones de dólares y más de 90,000 personas directamente en las escuelas, el distrito tiene la capacidad para afectar la ciudad.

Voy a empujar a la mesa directiva que defienda a los emigrantes, los hijos de emigrantes, los estudiantes con discapacidades en una manera que represente las aspiraciones y las realidades de los estudiantes y las familias de distrito 2.

Voten para un cambio en la mesa. Voten por mí.

Vote for a change in the board. Vote for me.

Contact me: john@mckiernangonzalez4d2.com


  • Fighting against school closures
  • Making AISD a leader for Equity and Sustainability 
  • Pushing for stronger dual language & STEAHM curriculum 
  • Investment and training in Special Education and accessibility
  • Valuing people over real estate
  • Retaining our students and growing our schools
  • Teaching and living in Austin for over 15 years

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